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Is it really environmentally friendly to cancel "six small pieces" in hotels?

2019/9/4 8:56:43
A personal care product provided by the hotel, although very convenient for tourists, will also bring environmental problems, resulting in a large number of garbage sent to landfills. Some cities began to prohibit hotels from providing disposable personal care supplies, and many hotels took the initiative to participate in it, and put more advocacy into practice. This is a trend that is becoming more and more common. Business groups are trying to make more "eco-friendly" changes at the micro level.

For Hotel operations, larger bathroom containers seem to produce less waste plastics than sub-packs, but if the environmental impact of recycling, manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance is left aside, the actual impact may not be generally optimistic.

Without in-depth research, "standing by", it is also likely that environmental protection will fall on a "feel good" level, and cut down on more serious actions that may have more impact. Some studies have found that more than 80% of consumers say they are willing to make personal sacrifices to solve social and environmental problems. However, in the actual purchase of goods, consumer support for environmentally friendly products has largely disappeared - on average, the shelves of sustainable products are 5% to 7% more expensive than ordinary commodities, and they remain cold all the year round.

In view of customers'ambivalence about purchasing green products, the company has taken these sound convincing measures to protect it from reputation damage and unnecessary attention from environmental groups. In addition, the brand will also have an economical and reasonable cost reduction plan. Limiting action to an easy-to-operate level that caters to the needs of customers, even if the environmental problems seem so serious, will not promote more holistic and profound changes in the global consumer industry.

If we support and support the abolition of the six small items policy, and go out and buy small bottles of travel products, then the whole thing will not play a role in the value of environmental participation, you are still producing garbage to the environment, just the difference between "hotel pay" and "you pay for yourself". Therefore, while carrying out environmental protection actions, whether the hotel should also carry out "conceptual action" to ensure that the efforts made for it are really effective for the environment.

Of course, it is undeniable that the industry has greatly enhanced the importance of "ecological friendliness", and with the deepening of policies and environmental protection concepts, it has also achieved varying degrees of results.

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