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The State Council has promulgated the policy of cultural and tourism intensively

2019/9/13 15:18:28
At present, along with the increasing spiritual and cultural needs of the people, the traditional cultural and tourism industry and other industries continue to merge, and emerging industries continue to emerge. Recently, the State Council and the relevant ministries and commissions of the state have issued several consecutive opinions or related measures on promoting cultural and tourism consumption and industrial development. It can be said that the favorable policy environment, huge consumption potential, rapid development of emerging technologies and other factors have brought unprecedented new opportunities to China's cultural tourism industry.
Cultural industry and tourism have jumped out of the traditional fields of film, television, publishing, tourism and integrated into the "big circle" of the national economy, highlighting the new layout of the culture and tourism economy. Four Opinions cover a wide range of areas, including the bright spots of cultural tourism product supply, the hot spots of cultural tourism business scene consumption and the key points of deep integration of culture and science and technology. They complement and support each other, reduce ineffective and low-end supply, improve the precision of cultural and tourism production, and further enhance the new momentum of cultural tourism industry development. 。 At the same time, it also provides endogenous motive force for promoting the main body of cultural tourism consumption market.
As we all know, the steady growth of economy can not be separated from the support of domestic demand. Consumption, as one of the three carriages to stimulate economy, is becoming more and more prominent today when investment slows down and exports are blocked. Therefore, aiming at culture and tourism to stimulate potential is not only to enrich people's cultural life and adapt to the development and change of tourism situation, but also to stimulate consumption, expand employment and boost the economy. It can be said that the publication of the four Opinions has found a new breakthrough for cultural and tourism consumption, as well as a focus for the cultivation of key cultural and tourism consumption market segments.
At present, it is the half-year report disclosure period. On the whole, cultural industry and tourism as a sunrise industry still have a broad space for development, and the long-term good logic has not changed.
Every new policy is introduced, which means new opportunities. This time, opinions on further stimulating the potential of cultural and tourism consumption and opinions on accelerating the development of circulation and promoting commercial consumption, issued by the General Office of the State Council, have thrown a series of "big gift packages" to the market to promote cultural and tourism products and commercial consumption policies, and cultural and tourism enterprises in various regions have responded and combined with each other. Developing inbound tourism products, creating cultural consumption embedding places, and developing cultural tourism activities at night, etc. to promote the return of cultural tourism consumption.
Only by taking the initiative to increase the endogenous motive force of the development of the main market, accurately expanding the new format of cultural tourism, and improving the quality of the supply of cultural tourism products, can people in the cultural and tourism industry truly release the positive role of cultural tourism industry in expanding domestic demand, and then continuously develop and expand the cultural tourism industry.

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